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It's no secret that as we age, our bodies become more sluggish, muscles weaken, and attractiveness diminishes with time. But not everyone knows that the reason for all such changes in men is often low Testosterone. Our clinic is engaged in the development and practical application of the TRT method for men that is hormone replacement therapy that can improve health and prolong youth.

Own Diagnostic Laboratories

We provide all kinds of testings for Testosterone levels to develop agile therapy for you.

Only licensed doctors

Our specialists have wide experience in hormone replacement methods and licenses that allow them to provide patients with Testosterone Replacement Therapy and other HRT methods.

Individually planned treatment

We do not provide unified therapy. For each patient, we thoroughly choose methods, dosages, terms of courses, etc.

Aftercare services

We do not stop just on the treatment. You can get your doctor's consultations and supervision after the TRT course too.

Our clinic

Our clinic was created to make men's health an affordable luxury for each of our patients. We strive to use innovative techniques and the latest drugs in order to bring Testosterone back to normal in every patient. In addition, our task is to raise awareness of our clients about what Testosterone is, what it is needed for in the male body, and what modern techniques can help maintain the balance of Testosterone for a full life and prosperity.

TRT as a Key Method for Testosterone Deficiency

Every man feels the importance of his health and well-being, especially if it is directly the health of the reproductive system, muscle strength, and general body tone. And Testosterone, the male hormone that is produced in the testes, is responsible for all this. But, unfortunately, youth is not eternal, and after 35 years, the Testosterone level begins to fall. Sometimes this loss of Testosterone happens critically fast, changing a man's life. But there are no more reasons to meet old age today! Testosterone replacement therapy is a method that is proven to be effective and it works wonders. The introduction of a bioidentical hormone allows you not only to improve well-being but to slow down all aging processes, and even reverse some of them.

Low Testosterone Symptomatics: How to Determine Whether You Need TRT

Low Testosterone occurs in men regularly. And in 60, its levels are 2/3 lower than in the prime. This health condition leads to lots of health dysfunctions including:

  • The increased possibility of heart strokes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Alzheimer's disease has higher chances.
  • Muscle mass decreasing.
  • Depression symptoms.
  • Mood changes and increased anxiety.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Bone fragility (osteoporosis).
  • Decrease of cognitive functions.
  • Erectile dysfunctions and low sex drive.
  • Low energy and stamina.

All these can be changed using Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Its Benefits

Bioidentical hormone treatments for low Testosterone have already been found to be effective and are widely used in evidence-based medicine. And their effectiveness affects almost all problem areas. You will be able to appreciate the advantages of using TRT for men, and there are many benefits that become visible when taking TRT.

  • Restoration of sexual activity and increased libido. Normal Testosterone levels will give you active sex life and desire.
  • Improving metabolism. Testosterone regulates the ratio of fat to muscle tissue. It allows the protein to enter cells faster and stimulates muscle growth. At the same time, Testosterone helps to more actively break down fats, preventing them from forming a fat layer, including accumulating fat in the abdomen.
  • Improved vigor and vitality. When you restore the balance of Testosterone, you will feel a surge of strength and a thirst for life. This will increase your stamina too.
  • Muscle building. Even if your muscles were not in good shape, and sports exercises seemed like real hard labor, with the normalization of Testosterone, you can notice positive changes. Muscles will become stronger, and sports will be easier.
  • Improving bone strength. Testosterone also affects bone cells, provoking their growth and increasing bone strength.
  • Stable mood and absence of apathy, anxiety, reduced risk of depression.
  • Improving cognitive performance. Your memory will work more actively, your concentration and the ability to assimilate new information will increase.

Why Choose Us Is Beneficial

In our clinic, you will go through all the steps from testing for age-related low Testosterone to monitoring the course of treatment and aftercare services. We have been developing the latest HRT methods for many years, we have confirmed our high status in the scientific community and the reputation of a caring clinic for our patients.

We select individual TRT courses for patients to bring their Testosterone levels back to normal. Even in adulthood, you can feel young, full of strength and energy. Our patients receive more than just health. They get the opportunity to prolong their sex life, start new stages in life, and enjoy every day their healthy strong body, harmonious mood, and stamina.

Want to bring your life back to your prime? Contact us to receive detailed advice on testosterone replacement therapy and to undergo a complete examination for hormone levels.

Enjoy Your Young and Full of Drive Life With TRT

Change your life for the better with innovative TRT methods for people. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the possibilities of your body. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about TRT.

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What is TRT for men?

This is a scientifically-proven method of restoration of natural hormone balance in the male body. This method is based on the use of bioidentical hormones that are similar to natural Testosterone at the molecular level. The introduction of bioidentical hormones replenishes your Testosterone levels and stimulates the production of natural Testosterone in the body to return it to youth levels.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy safe?

It is a safe and accurate method that provides minimal impact on the body processes. TRT can be prescribed only by a highly qualified specialist and only the doctor can prescribe the type of hormone and its dosage according to blood tests and previous medical history inspection.

How can I know if I need a Testosterone test?

You will be able to understand that your body is not producing enough hormones for one of the following symptoms: increased fatigue and irritability, low libido, muscle weakness, decreased cognitive function, constant apathy, and indifference, low endurance, weight gain without muscle growth. Even a few of these symptoms over the age of 35 should be wake-up calls for men. If you note their presence in your home, it is better to be examined and tested for hormone levels.

Does TRT have any side effects?

Like any drug, bioidentical hormones have their side effects. But they manifest themselves individually. For example, increased hair growth, restoration of follicles on bald areas of the body may be noted. Often, patients are diagnosed with headaches, numbness at the injection site, and increased anxiety. If a responsible doctor prescribes therapy, he controls the dosage and selects drugs to minimize side effects.



I'm just happy that I learned about this method of treatment. Before I met your clinic, I thought that my sexual adventures were in the past. And I’m only 45 years old! After being examined and tested for the level of Testosterone, I found out that my body produces this hormone at the normal level for 65 years, not for 45. Thanks to my doctor who prescribed me a convenient treatment option - Testosterone patches. Within a month, the first signs of improvement appeared. I stopped withdrawing from myself, started dating women because now I feel the sex drive just like 10 years before.


I was prescribed HRT after I turned 50. I am very afraid of getting old, but I already see that this will definitely not happen to me in the next 10 years. All this is because I have been taking TRT for six months. My doctor says I even got a sparkle in my eyes and I also lost about 10 pounds in that time.


I am just starting to take Testosterone. I am 36 years old, and for 10 years already my body is a shame on me. I am overweight, my beard does not grow, and my muscles are simply not noticeable. It turned out that the reason is that my body produces little Testosterone. I really liked the approach of the doctors in this clinic to patients. I was questioned in detail about my symptoms, childhood, adolescence. Then the doctor reviewed my medical history. Then it was the turn of the blood testing. And after that, the doctor studied all the information, wrote out a treatment plan, and selected the drug. I have only been taking Testosterone for a week, and I am sure that the first results of the treatment will be visible soon.

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